Reef- to increase (elevate/raise/set new standards for) tempo, volume, tension or general badassness of any endevor undertaken by the Concord Blue Devils Drumline.
Yo dudes....2011....#15..... REEF IT
by cheeseinvert August 24, 2010
An urban mispronunciation of the word "wreath". Perhaps an incorrect spelling as well.
I want a Christmas REEF on my door for my Birfday. Then I want to listen to Arefa Franklin after I brush my Teef.
by Bunny Brown January 04, 2009
To have a sneaky stroke of.....

Walk past her and reef her ass
by csiguy January 23, 2007
Dirty non-fizzy alco-pop. comes in various 'flavours' none of which taste much like the fruit they're based on. Generally overpriced and found in the company of underage slags or trendy types who 'need' to have that new flavour
Orange reef. doesn't taste much like oranges
by Jack December 10, 2004
Sickest cunt out
Reef is a sick cunt
by Fbshy June 17, 2015
A guy who knows how to surf

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