to toke a pipe with all your might. to reef. reefin.
my friend timmy's always down to reef it up.
by Leya Fish January 19, 2003
the crease between a fatty/ass and the leg, in shapely but soft booty women.
the infragluteal crease

from Reef Brazil sandal models.
I was walkin' down the street when I saw this girl in a microskirt with her cheeks hanging out. I followed her watchin' as she made reefs with every step.
by Rod X February 14, 2014
to disagree with another person
"yo you really is ugly though" ME: "reef nigga i aint ugly"
by Meloman603 August 20, 2011
A penis fart
When theo was giving eric head, eric ripped a reef in his mouth
by shartman101 June 17, 2010
To have a sneaky stroke of.....

Walk past her and reef her ass
by csiguy January 23, 2007
Reef- to increase (elevate/raise/set new standards for) tempo, volume, tension or general badassness of any endevor undertaken by the Concord Blue Devils Drumline.
Yo dudes....2011....#15..... REEF IT
by cheeseinvert August 24, 2010
Noun (thing): A mug or container that you use repeatedly to fill with different beverages. Often from gas stations.

From the word Re-fill, Short for.
Broseph: Lets go to the gas station and get a reef.

Bra: Ya cool but hang on while i get my reef mug
by gdigitalborgsneed August 14, 2010

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