i am just writting after reading the 1st six definitions of redhead. i am from scotland so u could call me an expert on them.

there is no such thing as a redhead. redhead is the term used by gingers 2 cover up the fact that they r ginger. gingers r the laughing stock of scotland and gives scotland about 16% of its overall annual lulz. ppl in other countries hoo do not c as many gingers think they r hot and cool just because they r unusual. redheads r an myth

the only exception 2 the ginger rule is if a girl is really hot, then she may be called a redhead.
awd: is ur hair naturally black?
christie: no im actually a redhead.
awd: HAHA!!! ur a ginger in denial. lolololol.
by awd December 09, 2007
Is when a guy fucks a girl on her period and then gets a bloody dicked blowjob.
I can't believe that bitch gave me REDHEAD, what a slut!
by Jackson Ballchedah October 25, 2006
The most evil kind of people in the world. All redheaded women are evil and need to go away.
"Die redheads, DIE!"
by Kury February 08, 2008
Lovers of freak shows
The red headed girl loved the boy with an unusually large vain on his head
by timmay December 14, 2003
fire crotch
when the curtains match the carpet aight
by Jim April 12, 2003
girl thats can be really hott... most dont have red pubes the hot ones dont
"my girlfriend is a redhead but shez the hott kind that isnt pale and dont hav ginger pubes and dont hav ugly frizzy hair"
by ... December 05, 2004
A person, usually a woman, who has red or very ginger hair.

Considered by many to be rather mank.
That redhead over there is a right skank.
Did you see the redhead? HOW COULD YOU NOT! It's like a lighthouse of orange!
(To redhead) Don't touch me.
by FD April 29, 2004

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