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Crazy, Joyful, Intelligent Person
Always cheers up her friends when they are down and always jokes around just being hyper!
She is a very friendly person! Whoever isn't friends with her either has no sense of humour or is a complete and utter dumb blonde!/freak!
Agata is the opposite of Stevie on Youtube!
by Bubbleope September 08, 2009
156 74
Evil thing or something the takes complete advantage of you by being over emotional
Emily: i think im gunna kill myself

Sam : stop being such an agata!
by United they stand May 06, 2010
58 55
Polish, weird,hyper,crazy
Wants to do chris and richard
1st person:agata is weird today
2nd person:as usual
by Bigman555 May 24, 2010
49 48
one who loves chocolate milk and seems to make a mess every time she drinks it. she also loves to go into a "hibernation" mode after eating large meals by sitting in a comfortable chair and swaying back and forth. agata...a.k.a donut is also a distant cousin of the pbs kids station show "boobah"
When this agata gets in a mood, shes got a big agatatude.
by kk-kool April 25, 2004
51 75
Someone who is a complete bitch, and likes to take advantage of people. She has no friends and is a lonely person who likes to do harmful things to her body. She loves the cock.
You fucked an Agata didnt you?
by Carly Brooke August 01, 2009
69 110
Agata, the bucket!!
by Sick7472363 April 05, 2009
21 74
(n.) Any middle-aged gay male whose outrageous, unfiltered and uncensored commentary is recognized, accepted, encouraged and appreciated for its provocative nature! Female friends encourage him to "feel them up above the waist," especially around straight males who would jizz in their pants to be allowed to act in a similar fashion, but know that is verboten! You can usually spot such a male as he is often in the company of a senile black-and-white papi chulo cat!
You should never be surprised what comes out of the mouth of an Agata!
by bayside2842 August 07, 2009
14 69