after losing a game of beer pong you before you have to drink all the rest of the beers you say redemption and you get one last chance to make the ball in a cup for them to drink and one less cup for you to drink
thats it bitch drink up . wait i call redemption give me the ball back so i get one more try
by heyimaidiot July 31, 2006
redemption is an awesome song by the japanese star Gackt, that was used on final fantasy VII, The Dirge of Cerberus.
a: Wow you bought final fantasy VII?
b: Yeah but only for the soundtrack... ♥~Gackto... *hums redemption*~♥ ^-^
by elsmongoose January 13, 2008
1.)n44b who thinks he's uber pro at anything, tends to get raped by chickens.

2.)cross dressing cigar smoker with a tendency for bald women, especially ones who have piles.

3.)all of the above.
1.)omg R3G!!1111oneelleventyone!1one

2.)Redemption:sup u hot biyotch.

by ;) February 14, 2005
its a word that means something
ummmmmmmmmm .... holy s**t ..... RUN!!!
by mal April 11, 2005

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