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The lowest form of gambling life in Las Vegas. This person can only afford to gamble with red chips. They must be dragged kicking and screaming to any table that has a minimum bet of over $5.
Daryl: I still have not gotten my allowance from my parents, so I will be a redder for this Vegas trip.
by moraleboatanchor March 20, 2013
A navy term for feeling red hot, boiling
The sun is shining, I am so redders.
by emma herbert August 08, 2006
a midland expression of being warm or hot.
"oh mate im so Redders !"
by chrisaaas November 16, 2006
adj.> Something that seems MORE RED; used more in the context of drinking and about the skin tone.
"No it wasn't! My face was perfectly fine. Yours was red-der! Hhaa."

quoted from Nalee F.
by peatear01 June 12, 2011
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