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When you foolishly reply to all to an email chain, and upon realizing your error, you compound the problem with a followup "replay to al" email. This email is composed so frantically that it is littered with spelling errors and so much jibberish that it makes the SCOAMF sound coherent in comparison, even when He is off teleprompter!
The following is an actual "replay to al" email:

"I'm sory, I didnot meant to replay to al. I clacked the wrong massage. Pleese fergive me."
by moraleboatanchor August 13, 2012
A generic description of any video game that only pimple-laden teenagers should be playing, not grown men. They sure as hell should not be wasting time at work reading strategies, describing games from the previous night, etc.
Mich: Want to go out tonight?

Bagels: Nah, let's play nerdgame.

Mich: Uh, it's Friday.

Bagels: I know, the perfect night for nerdgame. Want to hear about this cool strategy I discovered? I just spent the last four hours listening to podcasts describing it.
by moraleboatanchor November 20, 2012
A particularly awful smelling fart from deep within the bowels. It has the distinct sulfur odor usually associated with rotten eggs.
Stan: Dude, did you just shit your pants?

Eric: Mmmm, no. It was just egg butt.
by moraleboatanchor August 15, 2012
A response from the perennially pwned when they decline to attend the annual guy's trip to Vegas.

The answer is always "I cant this year, but count me in for next year". The following year, this answer is regurgitated verbatim.
Mich: You going to Vegas this year?

Dork Whiner: Ummm, I cant this year. But count me in for next year!

Mich: *eye roll*
by moraleboatanchor January 21, 2013
The lowest form of gambling life in Las Vegas. This person can only afford to gamble with red chips. They must be dragged kicking and screaming to any table that has a minimum bet of over $5.
Daryl: I still have not gotten my allowance from my parents, so I will be a redder for this Vegas trip.
by moraleboatanchor March 20, 2013
Someone whose sole function at a company is to build the code that other people write. They must be available 24/7 to do what the actual engineers tell them. This includes 1am on Saturday.
Actual Engineer: Hey, I just finished my code update. Go build it, build beyatch.

Build Beyatch: Yes sir.
by moraleboatanchor August 14, 2012
A manwall breach occurs when the front line of the man wall is unable to keep strippers from breaking through to the men hiding behind the wall.

Strippers who breach the man wall are typically demographically undesirable and cannot take "no" for an answer. They bust through and promptly attach themselves like barnacles.
Larry was safely hidden behind the manwall until Mich let his guard down and a manwall breach occurred. Poor Larry never had a chance.
by moraleboatanchor March 20, 2013
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