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a term used for a light-skinned black person, (usually a mixed woman or man), that when you hit or tap their skin really hard it can leave a red print on them
ooo look at that red bone right dere, mark im goin in
by kibby la fresh July 22, 2009
A reddish-Brown African American or someone mixed with 2 or more of the following afican american, naitive american,Asian,middle eastern and northern european.
Redbone is often confused with Yellowbone which is a Light skinned African American.

Red bones: Ashanti, Chilli from TLC, Amerie, pillar sanders,Queen latifah, Li' Romeo,

Yelowbones: Ludacris, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Lisa Raye, Raven Symone,Alicia Keys, Tia and Tomara mowry
by Tchic April 24, 2008
Take it from a real "Reyd Bone" herself...
A red bone is:

1) Term to describe a light skin black person (whether male or female).

2) Nickname for a light-skin black girl/woman when a guy tries to talk to them.

(*Red bone does not have 2 be thick to be considered a red bone, that waz just a part of Ciara's song "Oh")
1) "U talkin bout dat sexy 'red bone' right there?"

2) "Ay red, lemme holla atcha?" (red- short 4 red bone)
by Bri Da Top Notch Reyd BONE! June 11, 2006