In the 1970's, an insult describing a non-Native American who sympathized with Native American rights.
"You look white, but act Indian - you must be a redbone under that skin".
by Dragonlady Leanne September 15, 2007
mainly a pretty female who is black and usually mixed with another race, hence she is light skinned, light eyes, good hair, thick etc.
"Light-skinned thick chicks, fellas call 'em redbones" - Ciara "Oh"
by Tiffany Renee November 11, 2006
A Red Bone is a light skinned black female. They are usually just a little bit darker than Yellow Bones( which are the lightest of black females and usually mixed with white, something silimar, or they are extra light due to having mixed race in their family tree) . No it has nuthin to do with being thick( as seen in some definitions) but is often used along with the word thick if a guy/person is discribing that body type as well
In Louisiana I hear they got a whole hella lot of Red Bones and Yellow Bones around there because there be alot of Creoles down there.
by Real Right August 18, 2009
A Red Bone is a Black person that has Red undertones. Contrary too popular belief that it's a light skin person. A Red Bone can be light skin or darkskin. Matter of fact most people that claim they're a Red Bone are actually just lightskin----which is a Yellow Bone.
Red Bone(s): Ashanti, Chili (TLC), Me, Keshia Cole
by Zoe K. January 03, 2012
After extensive research I found that the term red bone refers to people who are tri- racial, and who have ancestry that is white, black, and native- american.
This mix usually results in people with brown skin with reddish undertones.
Ignorant person: That girl is a red bone.
Educated person: No, she is not she is mixed with only white and black and is too fair skinned.
by Kim1990 July 26, 2009
fine light skinneded black goddess
beyonce, halle berry, etc.
by waltramagne May 09, 2005
Just a light skinned / caramel type female that's HER (got everything going on) simple.
"Ay red you da bes thang goin outchea"

"That red bone right there the bes thang das happened in these city limits"
by Im Dat Bxtch . April 01, 2009
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