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A euphemism for a women's menstration.
Don't eat clams during the red tide.
by Chesty LaRue October 30, 2003
A proliferation of a marine plankton toxic and often fatal to fish, perhaps stimulated by the addition of nutrients. A tide can be red, green, or brown, depending on the coloration of the plankton.
A proliferation or bloom of a certain type of plankton with red to orange coloration, that often causes massive fish kills. Though they are a natural phenomenon, blooms are believed to be stimulated by phosphorus and other nutrients discharged into waterways by man.
Sea water which is covered or discoloured by the sudden growth of algal bloom or by a great increase in single-celled organisms, dinoflagellates. Red tides are often fatal to many forms of marine life and, in some cases, can result in human deaths because the dinoflagellates are eaten by clams and mussels which concentrate the paralysing toxins which they produce.
Swimming and close contact with the shore line is not advised during a red tide alert.
by Kelly June 09, 2007
A type of algae that uniquely grows red. Is a sign of unclean water.
The red tide has moved into the bay
by dtaps August 04, 2006
AKA: Being on the rag, the below the belt melt, "that" time of the month, the red stain pain...or just menstruation

The term in nature: Red algae bloom that cause shellfish to be dangerous to eat

The Alcoholic Shot: 1 part Tequila, 1 part Gin, and a few splashes of tabasco (the tabasco blooms like above)
"Don't be scurred, just grab yo-self a rubber boogie board and ride that there Red Tide."
by ChaosPanic February 10, 2010
The greatest fan group of all time supporting the Palos Verdes Sea Kings

Game tonight wear your Red Tide gear
by Seaking November 17, 2007
a womans menstrual period (from the tidal phenomenom where the water appears red or brown due to the presence of certain toxin producing algea)
Shes still having her red tide so she going to buy more pads.
by Light Joker October 19, 2006
The word originates from the Battlefield community. It refers to a player who believes he/she is the only player that deserves to play the game and let's everyone know it through chat. The name originated from the player coming in at random moments and ruining the fun (such as redtide in real life comes and goes randomly to ruin the ocean for beach-goers.)

If you ask a Redtide a question, or make a comment, he/she will most likely reply with a smarty pants comment.
Player "I'm using the suppression perk"

Redtide player: "The suppression perk is useless unless you plan on being a non-contributor"
by Battlefield Words February 11, 2012
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