The word originates from the Battlefield community. It refers to a player who believes he/she is the only player that deserves to play the game and let's everyone know it through chat. The name originated from the player coming in at random moments and ruining the fun (such as redtide in real life comes and goes randomly to ruin the ocean for beach-goers.)

If you ask a Redtide a question, or make a comment, he/she will most likely reply with a smarty pants comment.
Player "I'm using the suppression perk"

Redtide player: "The suppression perk is useless unless you plan on being a non-contributor"
by Battlefield Words February 11, 2012
A golden shower with a beautiful red tinge resulting from blood in the urine. Often caused by excessive running, urinary tract infections, or the occasional kidney punch.
"Bro, thanks for the kidney punch yesterday, my girl loved the red tide I gave her tonight."
by Bddurden August 20, 2011
the worst time to eat a girl out.
Hell no!!!!!, I ain't eating you out when the red tide is arround.
by Mike March 30, 2005

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