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Shaggy (My baby)
Dork, Geek, Funny
by jeanine March 26, 2004
Red tide is a communist plot that produces potent neurotoxins in the Gulf of Mexico area. Irritations of the eyes, nose, throat, tingling lips and tongue are common symptoms that often occur during red tides, along with massive fish and marine life death.
"Stay indoors! Those damn Ruskies hit us with the Red Tide again."
by Jeanine March 25, 2005
not being able to find the right words to say; kelsey
I am language-handicapped because everything I say always comes out wrong.
by jeanine June 27, 2004
Anthony just is, because jeanine says so. and thats all that matters, cause its true
Gorgeously-wonderful is a boy i know. His name is Anthony.
by Jeanine June 24, 2003
its whats off tha chain yo. snap, a sista cant explain enough lately. fo sho!
aw snap! man, hes so cute up- and down! he gonna slide, past west side brutha. fo real! (stay white, god stay white)
by Jeanine August 21, 2003
So ghetto, straight from the hood, it's rich
1979 cadillac
by jeanine March 26, 2004
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