The most annoying baseball team in existence.

Their fans are by far the most ignorant, obnoxious, retards in the face of sports. 99% are a bunch of idiots who jumped on the bandwagon in 04. They wear greasy, faded hats, try to act like they're Irish by wearing a lot of green, and always try to grow a goatee or some kind of fucked up beard.

Their whole organization are a bunch of hypocrites. They constantly insult the Yankees by calling them "The Evil Empire" and pointing to the fact that the Yankees spend money. They do this despite the fact that they have the second highest payroll in baseball and spend more money on shitty, overrated players (can you say JD Drew???) than any other team.

Their team is made up of a bunch of overrated, overpaid bastards. Two of them biggest pieces of shit in baseball: Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. These two have to be the ugliest guys in baseball - Ramirez with his disgusting, nappy dreadlocks and doo rag, and Ortiz's fat, slow ass with a fucked up pencil thin beard. He also has one of the nastiest gaps in his teeth I've ever seen. Jason Varitek acts like he's some kind of bad ass because he faught A-Rod with all his protective equipment on. He also is a average at best catcher and a shitty hitter. Despite this, the Red Sox made him team "captain" because no other teams wanted his sorry ass when he was a free agent.

In short, they are the worst, most overrated, annoying team in the history of sports.
Ignorant Red Sox Fan: 'Man I love the red sox! they're so good'

Real basbeall fan: 'Will you Red Sox and Yankee fans please stfu?'
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
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not only the best team in major league baseball, a way of life in the boston area. a person grows up and lives and dies with this team, and for all those people who never saw a championship, we got one. Go Sox
the red sox won the world series
by mike December 07, 2004
The Red Sox are the Major League Baseball(MLB) team of Boston Massachusetts. They were created along with the American League in 1901, and have won 6 World Championships in the 106 years between now and then.

The Red Sox have a fierce Rivalry with the New York Yankees, which dates back to around 1920, when the Red Sox owner sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees for cash and loans.

Since Boston's first world series win in 86 years in '04, the Rivalry seems to be become more intense, as the Red Sox claim to have "broken the curse of the Bambino."

Although the Yankees have a much more impressive record(26 world series wins) so far, only time will tell if the "curse of the Bambino" really has been broken.
The Boston Red Sox are a team in the American League Eastern Division of Major League Baseball.
by LostInHyrule September 21, 2007
socks that can be bought in Duane reade for 2 dollars. They are red and they are socks. Go figure.
I want to buy a pair of red sox
by Tazarus June 08, 2005
Your 2004 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it???
Yankees = CHOKE!!!!!!!!

ALDS: W, 3-0
ALCS: W, 4-3
World Series: W, 4-0

I still can't believe it!!!!!!!!
So the yankees really do suck. We can actually tell the truth!!!!!
by proudasssoxfan November 06, 2004
The best damn team in baseball.
The Boston Red Sox: Anyone can have an off century
by A-rod sucks November 19, 2004
the baseball team with the LEAST diverse and most ignorant fans. red sox fans like to show displeasure towards the yankees and their fans by constantly saying that the yankees suck, despite the fact that yankees have 39 AL pennants and 26 championships compared to boston's only 11 pennants and 6 championships.

red sox fan: hahaha you like the yankees! they suck!
yankees fan: well, let's see. the yankees have won 26 world championships. red sox has, what was it, 6? so, shut the fuck up.
red sox fan: uhhhhhh YANKEES SUCK!
by red sox suck balls July 26, 2007
Hypocrits. The red sox have become the new Yankees. They are no longer the "underdogs" Because once the Red Sox owner got some more money he spent it all to overpay the losers they have on there team, exactly like the yankees. And whenever you see a Red Sox fan and you try and talk baseball the first words that comes out of there mouth is "Yankees suck" as appposed to a Yankees fan who would go "Go Yankeees!"
Red Sox fan: The Yankees and overpaid and stupid

Yankees fan: But your team is the second most overpaid in the Leauge, and you have only 6 world series while we have 26

Red Sox fan: Yeah, well, the Yankees choked

Yankees fan: You've choked more times then us buddy

Red Sox fan: Yeah, well, Yankees suck

Yankees fan: Go Yankees!

Red Sox fan: Yankees suck!

Yankees fan: Go Yankees!

Red Sox fan: Yankees suck!

Angels fan: LEARN ANYTHING!?
by Spikesy July 20, 2006

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