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The favorite chant of red sox fans.
Yankees suck! Yankees suck! Yankees suck! (you get the idea)
by Tragic Story February 27, 2004
461 99
1. An indisputable statment of fact, hugely popularized after the New York Yankees failed to hold a three games to none lead, and got their asses BEAT by Ortiz, Damon, Schilling, and the rest of them.
Yankees Suck!

Well, uh.... 1918! Oh, wait, shit.
by A-rod sucks November 20, 2004
472 122
the yankees suck my dick
the yankees take it up the ass
by nigga bruce October 16, 2004
415 145
A phrase said immediately before the phrase "look at our fish"
"Yankees suck! Look at our fish."
by Captain Ed August 06, 2004
129 105