Nickname for Toronto Raptors star player Matt Bonner
Red Rocket watches his team from the bench.
by Chinaman Dan November 17, 2005
the act of masturbating a canine specifically, or masturbating in general
Marcus played red rocket with the pooch 'til it came.
by Jacon (jay-son) August 22, 2003
It's what your breath smells like when you wake up Sunday morning, you can't remember and thing, and your dog is laying next to you.
Party dude #1: Dude, I'm so hungover. What happened last night?

Party dude #2: I would say by the smell of your breath, that you blew your dogs redrocket!

Party dude #3: Awww please don't tell anybody....especially my gay lover JimBob

Red Rocket: That felt good
by bootyhairs April 29, 2010
A dogs hard cock ready for sex. My sisters dog has a bigger one than me.
And then I sucked its red rocket
by Willieboy January 25, 2006
A red car, that has a history sexual activities been performed in it. In particular a 1991 Ford GL Corsair.
"hey look its Misha in his Red Rocket, he's going to score for sure"
by Michael Misha June 24, 2005
1.When a mans penis gets jerked around so much that the head of his dick looks deep red. Thus the name red rocket.

2.Or to insult somone, when the termdick head has been used to many times.
-1.Amanda jerked me off so hard that my penis looked like a redrocket.

-2. Last night jim pulled a redrocket on my ass.
by Sirsmokesalotofweed August 11, 2006
You are on your period and perfer anal sex. Your partner is very agressive and during forceful anal penitration, your tampon is forcefully ejected from your vaginal cavity.
Emily had a heavy flow, which forced her to take part in her number 2 activity, anal penetration. She takes it hard from behind and in the heat of passion, her tampon escapes her and she screams fire in the hole and her tampon begins its second mission as red rocket.
by The Compound February 03, 2008

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