To eliminate the humorous value of a joke due to blatant overuse and terrible timing.
Okay, you totally redmonkeyed that joke.
by BD May 19, 2003
Top Definition
Person, that (freshly) got shot down; derived from the denim brand "Red Monkey", that's currently popular amongst the rap community...
"...leavin' eight niggas bloody, when I'm call 'em red monkey..." (extract of 40 Cal.'s part of "Gettin Money" from The Diplomats feat. J.R. Writer & 40 Cal.)
by MiamiBizzle July 25, 2006
Adj. Extremely unfunny; unsuccessfully attempting to display wit or humor.
No one in the room laughed at the horrible comedian's Redmonkey joke.
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Typically described as sneakers of the Bathing Apes brand and is known for being real fresh.
"... nigga this how we do, red monkeys bathin apes someone call the damn zoo!" - Chip tha Ripper
by MilkMan420 August 17, 2011
Redmonkey - Slur

(Noun) A person that is so fucking pathetic he/she makes references to no longer humorous, or a person who finds originally funny jokes and then promptly shoots them in the face and mutilates any former humor the joke had.
Thank you Redmonkey for completely killing that joke!
by den March 19, 2003
a person lacking any and all self-confedence who manafests pointless topics on internet message boards as a defence mechagnism to the disorder.
any redmonkey post/topic.
by your mom December 07, 2003
1.Noun. To be a closet homosexual
2.Adj/Noun. To be or resemble the looks or qualities of a douche
*NOTE: No example necessary, just look at Red*
by Trip & Whut March 19, 2003

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