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Person, that (freshly) got shot down; derived from the denim brand "Red Monkey", that's currently popular amongst the rap community...
"...leavin' eight niggas bloody, when I'm call 'em red monkey..." (extract of 40 Cal.'s part of "Gettin Money" from The Diplomats feat. J.R. Writer & 40 Cal.)
by MiamiBizzle July 25, 2006
"The Sly Show" is the most irreverent, unpredictable, and insane talk show - ever. Sly is the Hip Hop Howard Stern; dropping bombs like Funkmaster Flex and calling everybody (and their mama) out like Wendy Williams on a bad day. Add a little Andy Milonakis-style hilarity, mix in Sly's unmistakable voice; and you get the loud-mouthed, prank-callin', dozens-playing obnoxious shock jock of the century - SLY.
The Sly Show: "The greatest show in the face of the fuckin earth!"
by MiamiBizzle February 10, 2007
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