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A Perth who was born in or lives in Perth, Western Australia.
"I'm a proud Perthian, I was born and raised there"
by kitta April 14, 2004
Refers to something obscenely obsequious or pretentious, as in something done to suck up to or show off for someone, especially to the detriment (and at least annoyance) of others. Usually an exclaimation used to sum up one's feelings about a series of events or an experience as a whole.
(Jenny) Can you believe the way Lisa goes up to the professor every day after class to fawn over him?
(Laura) I know, it's disgusting. Pukefest!
by Kitta September 12, 2004
An evil world dominating monkey that lives at kitta.net
"The little red monkey told me he would spare me if I helped him take over the world"
by kitta April 14, 2004
A person who steals anothers food.
"Oi dingo, leave my food alone"
by kitta April 14, 2004
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