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Slang for drug Seconal- a barbiturate.
He was desperate to score some Red Devils.
by Christian Emde November 27, 2007
When a guy plays with a girls pussy and fingers her too much and too hard until the outskirts of her lips turn bright red and her clit is bleeding
i accidently gave my girlfriend a red devil last night
by theGIRL#7 July 20, 2009
Some of the best nugget around. Usually has many reddish orange hairs and an almost fruity smell
yo dawgy i bought a gram of red devil for 30 bucks but it was worth it. this shit is dankenstein!
by buddha546546465 June 23, 2009
Fans of the National Korean Soccer Team.
Damn! Did you see all that red in the stadium. Those Red Devils are some crazy fucking fans. DAE HAN MIN GOOK!
by Alby June 19, 2006
A Manchester United football club fan. Mainly thought of because of the Red Devil on the clubs crest that resembles that of the red devil parachute squad in the UK.
Man Utd beat Arsenal,the Red Devils are on fire. "Which club do you support" ? "Manchester United". Oh you're a Red Devil.
by Skyboy a True Red Devil September 11, 2013
slang for cough syrup pills; used by underaged idiots that wanna get high but either can't get the money for something else or can't get a car to get them to a dealer
let's take way too many red devils and get high
by estelle May 03, 2004
Glory Glory Man United!
Red Devils owned Arsenal again.
by KRHimself April 10, 2004
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