(Allegedly) comes from Korean language and means "the essence of cool".
<said with slight shock and amazement> "Dae!"
by Nick the Bizness August 10, 2004
street slang for there
Man 1 - "Hey bruh, where did you put my keys?" Man 2 - " Over dae (points at table)"
by 2 Scranz December 04, 2013
Dae is a brazilian expression like eaethat means hello or "how are you" the correct work for you is mane.
Dae mane! Eae? blz?
Hello dude, how you doing?
by Roberto Souto April 22, 2008
really means -- any one of a number of {blow job} giving folk who like girls under 13yrs old. Alternately it can mean any member of said group who is a member of the JD/ Sir Bart fan club - cause he roxxors the dae peoples moms and sisters. .
All DAE members are so gay that one FerreDuDrknes can pwown em all.

and thier moms dress em funny
by BC owns you homos. February 18, 2005
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