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The opposite of a wing man; when a friend or colleague intentionally or inadvertently cock blocks you while trying to pick up, by saying dumb or embarrassing things, or by just being an obnoxious douche, essentially shooting you down. Holding arms out like airplane wings is optional.
Guy 1: dude, why would you tell that girl I have mommy issues???

Guy 2: Red Baron!!!

Guy 1: You're such a dick.
by Combustalicious May 24, 2013
When you are too drunk to realize a girl is fucking ugly and on her period and you continue to fuck her and realize the next day what you did.
Man Logan was really the Red Baron last night.
by byard October 27, 2006
very delicious pizza they serve at school
damn that Red Baron pizza is bomb
by CalynK October 21, 2006
The "Red Baron" was the greatest piolet on the side of Germany. He was the best stratigest and he pioleted a completly red fighter-plane, which he gain his fame. The person who killed him is unconclusive for now, but if it was the gun turrnets on the ground that killed him, he had never lost a dog fight(Fight between to piolets)
Red Baron is an important piolet in World history.
by Mike A June 17, 2004
a man that has a huge mustache and teaches math at mountain empire community college in big stone gap virginia. he has no expression on his face and is ready to throw a math sign at you at any point in time. he also is a great pizza maker. name- mr Allguyer.
matt- dude did u see the stare the red baron gave me today.
kelly- yes man, he was ready to strike on your ass
by justin vanover September 19, 2007
This occurs during sexual intercourse while a woman is on her period. The man and woman begin to have sex in the standing up position with the man in the rear. After a while the man picks up the woman, and twirls her around the room during sex, causing some of her blood to spill over the place while she is airplane flying, thus giving the name "the red baron" to the woman.
Walking into Joe's apartment, you could see the Red Baron had visited at his girlfriends blood was all over the place
by adams bachelor party June 18, 2007
When the males bell end is over-used and sore it becomes a Red Baron.
"I shoved my Red Baron right into Anita's muffbucket"

"Man, that hole was too tight, I have a red Baron"

"Bitch, can we stop now, I am getting a Red Baron?"
by P.K. Snelling January 14, 2007
(n.) A person that delights in seeing mechanical disasters, especially plane crashes. Named after WWI german ace who downed over 80 allied aircraft during the first world war. The origianal dogfight king.
osama is such a red baron
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 06, 2004