1. Someone from the back roads of the old south. Most likely lacks in the education department and has very little teeth. A redneck.


2. May describe a way of life. The redneck way of life.
Beatrice- Did you see Hank today?
Margot- Yes. He's a tad too red to be working here.
by Aunt Heater February 02, 2007
One who is constantly 'on the tune', getting in trouble with the cops, chatty lads and drives his car into the back of his mates car.
Titled due to his native 'Red' hair. Known for being unable to be reached by telephone, he must be texted due to his uncontrollable need to be at raves.
He does muay thai.
Person: Hello!
Red: Heelloooo!
Person: Who is this?
Red: It's Me! RED!
Person: Yeah, I just needed to tell you -
Red: Text me - I'm at a rave!
Person: ...O...Kay..
Red: On the Tune!!!!
by I am not Red September 06, 2010
r.e.d stands for random erection disorder. It is a very serious made up disease
I have r.e.d
by spartain yankees May 05, 2009
The proper word to shout at a small puppy that's making a run for it. Use with caution: your friends most likely haven't read up on their animal warning calls.

"Mike what the fuck?"
by Go... February 04, 2008
1. A communist usually from Russia
2. Used to describe someone or the complexity of someones skin who is from the Soviet Union or Russia.
1. That stupid communist is such a red
2. "Hey man this place is for reds only."
by Mike Kosiak November 28, 2005
Short for redbone, or a light skin black girl.
*Random red girl walking down the street
*Random nigga in the steert "Aye red lemme holla at chu"
*Red girl "Hell naw nigga I'm gay"
by Javi3r24 December 22, 2011
Stinking, awful, Red Rizlas.

Thick as copy paper, and about as wide, reds are for the stoner who smokes such weak gear (likely soap bar hash) that paper fumes are an essential chemical component of the high.

Often used by novice, or unskilled smokers, as the size and weight of the paper make it easier for feeble hands.

Only acceptable as a last resort, when too blazed to roll properly, or if you're smoking brambles.
B: "Right then, chuck us some skins, actuate the phonograph, and stick the kettle on Cuthbert"

C: "I've only my trusty reds. Incidentally, Spa just shut."

B: "You really are a first-class cunt, Cuthbert"
by bmr May 12, 2004

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