The Acronym R.E.D. Is Used To Notify Certain People Of Dangerous Retirees, Who Used To Be Employed In Mainly Government Agencies. Such As The CIA, FBI, NSA, Etc.

2) Acronym Also Used In The Popular Motion Picture, "RED"

Manager- This Is The File Of The R.E.D. Employee Who Used To Work Here Several Years Ago.

Worker- R.E.D. ?

Manager- Retired. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Don't Want Them Screwing Around Here...


Guy- Dude, Did You See That New Movie, "RED"?

Guy 2- Not Yet, But I Heard It Was AWESOME.
by JPIsacock March 26, 2011
The scapegoat of the entire weight team. It is usually shouted by the seniors for no apparent reason.
by shake master flex May 26, 2010
a Blood Color
wears my red bandana
by malice mam July 30, 2003
Another term for an Apple.
Comes from the logic that say's that if Oranges are orange then we should call Apples reds.
I ate one red.
by judge dredd7 November 11, 2012
A great rock band with great lyrics and great music.
I would love to see Red live.
by bbtdgfan123 November 29, 2010
1. Uncontrollable rage with no apparent catalyst; to strike someone for no particular reason.

1. A person with no control over their temper.
Verb: He just pulled a red on that guy and sent him to the hospital.

Noun: Look at that red wailing on that guy for no reason.
by Hunter S. Samson February 17, 2010
To be ready for something like an event, test or experience.

Also the phrase 'SO RED' Can be used to emphasize you readiness.
Dan - Dude you RED for the physics test tomorrow?

Greg - Yeah bro! I'm so RED
by SoREDBro March 19, 2013

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