A backwoods-dwelling, inbred, adulterous, possibly female Hillbilly from Michigan's lower peninsula. Usually identified by a pasty, yet blotchy skin color and a drug store dye job. Identification is easier when she's having one of her trademark herpes outbreaks, which turns the crotch a legionous and slimy red color.
"Oh my gosh, can you believe Double S actually married red?"
by Spanky4679 November 28, 2005
Album by King Crimson
My favorite song on Red is "Starless"
by ham cannon January 28, 2004
To be largley endowed and have years of sexual prowless crammed into a ungodly handsome package.
Wow....look how Red that guy is.

I wish i were as Red as Red, nobody Red's like Red.
by redrik February 04, 2010
rather eat dog shit... something disgusting you'd rather do than something else bad
would you shag that girl?
pfft i'd REDS.
by skinheadjosh April 17, 2008
1. a s capsule of secobarbital, a barbiturate derived drug

2. intoxicated with marijuana

3. a person with red hair
Don't even touch that red.
by The Return of Light Joker April 01, 2008
Someone who is of mixed race (black and white) esp. Jamaican slang. Red Rat and Bob Marley are examples of red-skinned people
'I'm a red skin, here i am' Bob Marley's Sun is Shining
by Hanini Van Bouch June 14, 2004
Fine, redbone black woman preferably with a big ass and titties
Dayum...look at red...she fine as hell
by Reginald Johnson September 16, 2003

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