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A very well built documentary about cannabis and drug prohibition. Blows your mind when you're high. WATCH IT!
Kid 1: Yo, did you see the Union?

Kid 2: No, why?

Kid 1: Go kill yourself asshole
by TaurozziMic August 10, 2010
This was the official name of the North during the American Civil War. The soldiers were identified with blue uniforms, and different trim colors according to which ever branch of the army they belonged to. i.e. Cavalry=Yellow and Dark Blue; Artillery=Red and Dark Blue.
The Union consisted of 34 states: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, California, Nevada, Oregon, and others.
After four years of brutal, off and on fighting, as well as the invasion of Northern States (Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania), the determined and enduring stance of the Union finally prevailed, and the South was defeated.
The Union was able to destroy and thoroughly shut out the southern Confederacy.
by Republican Warrior July 09, 2005
Another name synonymous with America or the United States.
The Union is comprised of over 280 million people and 50 states.
by The Midwestrn Soldier July 09, 2005
Noun; The UNION {the you-knee-un}

A dance crew based out of Kitchener / Waterloo / Cambridge / Toronto Ontario Canada. Formed in September 2009.

Current Roster:

-Chris Coelho (Co-Founder)
-Luis Miguel

-Dylan Dombroski
-Cayne Garcia
-J.R. Castillo

Current credits:

Opened for Hedley, Fefe Dobson, The stereos, Danny fernendes.

Won 1st place @: In the ZONE 4 (Winnipeg MB) and FnM Dance off (Waterloo ON)

Collaborated on productions with SOREAL Cru's Pat Lam and Fysh n Chicks' Taeko Caroll. (Both Appearing on Americas Best Dance Crew Season 1&2)

Check out Sources:
The UNION killed it on stage!
by whyterabit11111 May 25, 2010
A WWF stable in 1999, consisting of Mankind, Test, Ken Shamrock, and the Big Show, formed in order to stop the Corporation.
The Union pretty awesome. That's all I can say.
by tonyyyyyyy May 31, 2006
see union.
the union is 4 life
by little cactus November 10, 2003

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