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abbreviated form of: "to make READY" a Pennsylvania Dutch expression.
"You better red up your room before you go outside to play"
by Dani Mollura October 11, 2007
9 9
Red- the color of anger...madness!
Blackie was red..because he was so mad yoooo
by Emilysotne October 04, 2007
10 10
To be Stone from smoking marijuana, or to get stoned by smoking marijuana.
Let get red when we get home.

Dude, you look so red right now.
by Sarahahah February 28, 2006
11 11
Shortened form of tired.
I'm mad 'red this morning after such a long weekend.
by dskurn August 06, 2007
0 1
A fine-looking black, hispanic, or black and hispanic girl who is thick (has a big booty).
1. Dang! That one new girl is red!

2. Yo, you see that girl sitting over there? Wait until she stands up; she is so red!
by Pacman23 October 03, 2009
3 5
an attractive light-skin woman; a man who is 'yellow' or light-skin; a nickname for a light-skin person; a black person with red undertones in their skin or hair
"Aye Red lemme holla at cha!"

"Aye man, what dey call dat gurl down at the strip club wit da phatty?"
"Oh you talkin bout da yella sista?"
"Oh, dey call her Red."

by cherrykoolaid February 17, 2008
16 18
It is used as an adjective meaning high or stoned. I first encountered the term while smoking a joint in Brooklyn with two graffiti artists. These guys were first generation American's with Jamaican parents.
Are you red? I'm on fire!
by Yettiboy August 08, 2006
8 10