an amazing colour
nice red hoody you got there
by lewis April 06, 2004
1) When it is rag week a woman is discribed as being red

2) Embaressed
1) Damn she'd so red tday, the painters must be in
by Tim Evans February 05, 2004
Shady, Dangerous, Trouble.
Short for redruM or Murder.
Smoking blunts around cops is madd red!
by Jule$ Money June 28, 2003
The color of blood from a vagina.
Oh look, red.
by BOB SAGET MCFLUFFY December 13, 2010
shitty weed;drirt;brick
"Yo man let's blaze up"

"I onlyl got these reds"

"Better than nothing"

by ironside37 July 10, 2008
"Reds" is the same thing as saying "ready".
"Hey are you reds?" reply, "Hell yeah i'm reds!"
by DJ SD April 15, 2008
This word was created from the world rad. It became 'red' because the creators, Emz and Renn, were tired of people stealing their red words, and turning them into something they weren't. It was named, therefore, after Emz and Renn, because it incorporates both of their names into one word, plus adding the ending of the word 'rad' into it, as well.

Red is another way of expressing how cool something is, although it is a stronger world than 'cool'
An example of using this word, is shown below...
'Your shoes are really red'
'I know, aren't they the reddest?'

It basically translates to 'it's really cool, but not as cool as Emz and Renn'
by redical February 16, 2008

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