This describes the condition of the person who has been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol--they are red, as in red in the face (from the alcohol) AND/OR red in the eyes (from the marijuana).
"After I have my breakfast blunt and my mickey, I'm red and ready for work."

"I drank all the beer and did bong hits, then I was sooo red."
by The Ripper December 12, 2004
To be Stone from smoking marijuana, or to get stoned by smoking marijuana.
Let get red when we get home.

Dude, you look so red right now.
by Sarahahah February 28, 2006
1. when u see a bitch an' she so damn ratchet bitchy that u gotta call her out on dat shit and slap her tha fuk up till she be red
2. A woman who is so insanely bitchy that you want to hit her repetitively until she becomes the aforesaid color.
1. dayyyyummmm dis bitch so red every n*gga in dis room wanna slap da bitch up like stfu bitch u so red
2. Honey, stop being so red or I will slap you the f*ck up and take away your pony.
by lifrasc February 20, 2014
an attractive light-skin woman; a man who is 'yellow' or light-skin; a nickname for a light-skin person; a black person with red undertones in their skin or hair
"Aye Red lemme holla at cha!"

"Aye man, what dey call dat gurl down at the strip club wit da phatty?"
"Oh you talkin bout da yella sista?"
"Oh, dey call her Red."

by cherrykoolaid February 17, 2008
It is used as an adjective meaning high or stoned. I first encountered the term while smoking a joint in Brooklyn with two graffiti artists. These guys were first generation American's with Jamaican parents.
Are you red? I'm on fire!
by Yettiboy August 08, 2006
Another word for when a female is having her period.
friend 1: ooh your girl is hot, are you going to hit that tonight?
friend 2: naa, probably not, she's red.
by pj December 29, 2004
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