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An Australian fast food chain.
Selling Chicken and chicken products.
Good Tucker mate.
Red Rooster really is a shit place to work.
by yAlDaRA March 30, 2003
When a man has sexual intercourse with a chicken or rooster (Preferably a rooster, hence the name) And when almost arriving at ejaculation, kills the poultry by breaking its neck, and then removing the head and inserting it into the anus for further stimulation whilst ejaculating as the beak still moves for few seconds after death due to it's nerves.

A Red Rooster provides much satisfaction for those with fetishes as a Red Rooster is a combination of Sexual Intercourse, Necrophilia, Beastiality, Rape and is generally just plain vulgar.
(Whilst on a farm)

Joe: Wow nice looking poultry bob, keen for a uh.. Red Rooster?
Bob: Why thanks Joey, ah w-wait what the-.. Get the FUCK outta my farm!
by PloughDough March 31, 2009
A vagina that kinda hangs and resembles a roosters hood.
I finally banged Cindy. She had a big Red Rooster.
by Louisiplaya March 01, 2009
an energy drink, a cheap version of "red bull," often served at night clubs and cheap corner stores.
man: yeh il have a red bull
*gets handed red rooster*
man: wtf is this? it tastes nasty
by Rizla|xD January 06, 2008
A breaking in the miniscus(knee) causing your leg to disinagrate. Causing sickness to your immune system. Caused by STDS like aids.
Oh my god, did you see that kid? He has the Red Rooster!
by The Jamal Man November 30, 2009
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