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What happens when your xbox 360 messes up
The usually green rings that surround the power button, turn red.
I was playing madden 07 on my 360, then all of a sudden my screen cut off and I saw the red rings of death, i was freaking out.
by Ima Moron September 08, 2006
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Microsoft's way of saying, "Your 360 is offically fucked"
"Dude my 360 got the Red Rings of Death"
"Well your fucked"
by Rrod box July 10, 2008
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what i got a week before modern warfare 2 came out... not fair
*turns on 360 sees red rings of death in lower right corner*
*calender says november 3rd*
*kills self*
by Z3r0s3volution November 03, 2009
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Red circle that covers 3 lights around the power button on an Xbox 360 that signifies that the system has overheated and must be shipped to Microsoft. In other words, go commit suicide.
I just pwned some guy in halo 3 and next thing I know, red rings of death
by koolaid1994 April 01, 2010
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Microsofts friendly way of telling me my 360 is fucked right after i finished the intro of first time ever playing Modern Warfare 2 which i just bought finally.
Me: Yea i finally got MW2 and got through intro and all of sudden it froze.... and got the Red Rings of Death. :(

Friend: HA dude that sucks! Well your xmas break is gonna suck.

Me: Fuck you

Friend: Tell me over live.

Me: :'-(
by autolover3 December 20, 2009
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What ps3s don't get ;)

-Symbolizes xbox 360 cancer (scarlet pwnage)
PC- Dammit got the red rings of death last night -_-

Me- Buy a ps3 bitch
by ghostinthemachine1 March 01, 2010
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