At the point of climax, you pull out, slap the girl on the ass, scream "WOLVERINES", then proceed to jizz a W on her back.

**Expert Level: jizz the entire word 'WOLVERINES' on her back**
Last night at 2am I awoke to hear the distinct scream of "Wolverines" coming from my neighbour's apartment. As I drifted back to sleep, I feared not of a Russian invasion but knowingly smirked at the thought of another successful Red Dawn.
by Big Bobby Bigbear April 28, 2014
This is one of the most amazing girls I have ever met. She is understanding, sweet, funny, caring, courteous, polite, and an all around good person. Beautiful inside and out, anybody who meets her should feel pretty lucky.
Red Dawn is my amazing girlfriend :)
by this guy 26 July 23, 2011
The battle cry of a Risembool Ranger. It means that we will take over the world. Also, there is a small division of the Rangers called the Red Dawn Rangers who intend to take over the world and make Vic Mignogna the ruler of the world.
Miniskirt Army Member: You guys suck!
Red Dawn Ranger: RED DAWN! We rule!
by blackrosealchemist August 01, 2009
Eating a chick out while on the rag. The word is taken from the imagery depicted from the movie Red Dawn. It’s from a scene midway through the move where Robert hunts and kills his first deer. Jeb and Matt Eckert make Robert drink the blood as a first time hunting ritual done in the spirit of the deer. The scene shows Robert’s mouth and cheeks stained red and blood dripping down his chin.
Yea, of course I ate her out on the rag. I came up like Red Dawn!

by In the spirit of the deer April 09, 2009
When you are engaged in anal sex with a female who is on her period and change her tampon.
The other night Sally and I had a great Red Dawn.
by sirpumpaloaf August 15, 2013
"She is being a real bitch. Is she on her period?"

"She will be soon. She is on her Red Dawn."
by Blumbkinbyproxy May 02, 2013
The act of having sex with a girl who does not tell you she is on her period then finding the stains on your underwear as the sun rises in the morning.
I found a bit of Red Dawn on my boxers when I took a shit in her bathroom this morning.
by Sachmo114 February 22, 2010

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