To chow box in the dark and then to wake up to find red stuff caked on your face. You quickly realize the snatch you munched was on the rag. Usually followed by nausea.
"Hey Bob, how did you make out with that chick you picked up at the bar"

"I did really well but woke up to a Red Dawn."
by Good to Great December 29, 2008
Referring to a specific sexual act performed between two lesbians, known as scissoring, can only be performed when at least one woman is mestruating.
Sandra and Michelle red dawn-ed last night.
by spamella October 17, 2011
A complete dick maneuver where you take a drunk chick who's on the rag and hook her up with someone else equally or more plastered. When they wake up in the morning they'll discover the sheets or couch they slept on to have a good amount of menstruation on them, hence red dawn.
Guy 1: Hey man, how was your night?
Guy 2: It sucked in a big way.
Guy 1: Why?
Guy 2: Dan hooked me up with some chick.
Guy 1: Why is that so bad? Was she ugly?
Guy 2: No. It's because I woke up this morning and my fucking couch had period blood all over it. Dan red dawned me.
Guy 1: That's a dick maneuver]if I've ever seen one.
by Broba Fett February 04, 2011
A blatantly open homosexual who is proud of what he is.

A hard core advocator of gay marraige.
Wears crackless pink underwear.
Thinks a protective cup is a safe thing to drink from.
Red Dawns can be found on most any street corner or in public bathroom stalls.
by I am the Sage March 26, 2010
The act of becoming verbally abusive,unreasonable,unruly and annoying. A tantrum. Very similar to going "postal"
Tom went Red Dawn last night after drinking that shot and got thrown out of the club.
by Ian Fidel March 31, 2008
Occurs after you hook up with some random drunk ho found at last call. When you wake up in the morning and see dried red stuff on your face you realize the beaver you ate that night was on the rag.

Usually immediately followed by nausea and faintness. Also possible long term side effect being months of panic that you've picked up some disease.
Dude: "Man did you fuck that chick last night"
Man: "yea Dude I fucked her but woke up to a Red Dawn"
by Big bitch magnet October 17, 2008
The act of sex between two men. Where the "giver" is very large in girth and the "receiver" very tight by nature. After a long evening of flirting, drinking, and dancing they retreat back to their home for wine. After they stay up and talk all night like girls they finally have sex and the large "giver" rips the tight "receiver" right in the he hole. Leaving gay juice and blood gushing out of his he hole. All the while the sun is just coming up over the crack of his anus. Making a beautiful Red Dawn.
Steve and Bruce concluded their coming out party by making the most wonderful red dawn anyone has every seen or heard.
by Fried Peaches January 22, 2007
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