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The need to solve every puzzle that comes your way.
Some people have a Messiah Complex. They need to save everyone. You, have a Rubix Complex.
#rubix #complex #cube #greg #house
by Kylias March 01, 2009
The famous battle cry of the Risembool Rangers, an incredibly dedicated fan club to the voice actor, Vic Mignona.
Miniskirt Army Member: We own you!
Risembool Ranger: Red Dawn, noob!
#risembool rangers #miniskirt army #red dawn #fan club #vic mignogna
by Kylias February 27, 2009
A customizable character made on a video game for the sole purpose of the design, often to be deleted as soon as the design has been transferred onto paper, an art program, an image hosting web site, etc.
"I made Alyte on Soul Calibur 3, but I'm not going to use her cos the weapons for her Class suck horribly. She's such a Design Proxy."
#design #proxy #design proxy #alyte #nerd #geek #characters #soul calibur 3
by Kylias March 10, 2009
The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you either ask someone out and they say yes, or they ask you out and you say yes, and you're not sure if you made the right choice.
Usually only occurs for the first few days, unless it's someone you're not comfortable with being with.
"I didn't want Nathaniel to be my boyfriend, but I just can't say no. I can't tell if I'm getting newly-dating guilt."
#new #dating #guilt #boyfriend #girlfriend
by Kylias March 17, 2009
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