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when smoking marijuana and you finish the bowl and you want to smoke more, you empty out the bowl and thats called rebowling. and it was not originated on 4/20 2005 it has been around for a long time.
yo dawg the weeds done lets rebowl
by Vibez June 17, 2005
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When smoking marijuana in a pipe, bong, or vaporizer and you have finished the bowl you must empty the bowl and refill it with bud. This is referred to as a rebowl, or rebowlling. The term was originated in a vaporizer session between 7 high school students on April 20th 2005 (4/20, 420).
example a)
person 1: "This shit's not hitting anymore."
person 2: "It needs a rebowl, man."

example b)
"This bowl's done.... REBOWL!"
by Dan April 20, 2005

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