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having sex with a woman or man and it feels so good that you just feel really high....
Sex Weed - R.Kelly
"Sex so good that it gets me high"
by Vibez July 11, 2005
a guy or girl who is your everything, your boo, you life partner.
Chris: Hey girl you my rib, i love you :)
Girl: i love you too :)
by Vibez June 17, 2005
to beat someone up badly or using a knife or gun and just stomping the fuck outta them.
Dr.Weed:What Happened with you and tim?
Vibez: Yeah he kicked my ass but you just wait come summer im gon head buss his ass.
Dr.Weed:True, Ill Come Watch
by Vibez June 05, 2005
when smoking marijuana and you finish the bowl and you want to smoke more, you empty out the bowl and thats called rebowling. and it was not originated on 4/20 2005 it has been around for a long time.
yo dawg the weeds done lets rebowl
by Vibez June 17, 2005
The Black piece put over a mic to stop the cracking in the voice when recording. See spacer
Person 1:yo my voice keeps messing up when im spitting my verse.
Person 2: do you have the pop filter on?
person 1:Oops
by Vibez August 01, 2005
the screen that musicians use over the mic so it is clearer
yo dawg how much was your mic and spacer
by Vibez July 12, 2005
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