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(n) The cyclic process in which individuals complains about their existence in the world repeatedly, but eventually re-evaluates their life to remedy their personal woes. Hence, individuals constantly re-bitch and see what happens.
"Fuck, I'm going through so much shit right now. My work is kicking my ass, and I thought I got it squared away, ya know? Now I'm going through rebitchancy. I think it'll get better once my boss calms down."

"That girl's got so many issues. Better stay away from her. I don't know when that rebitchancy is gonna stop."

"I hate it when I go through rebitchancy, but I'm glad I do, because I'm happier for it in the end. Fuck, can't imagine what I'd be like if I kept going down THAT old path."
by shortYgeorge October 16, 2005
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