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To get a new bitch. To acquire a new female mate.
Reid, your girlfriend is a whore. You need to re-bitch
by Keyser Sosa September 08, 2008
to pass a bitch off to someone else. She might be a total bitch always, or just a bitch right now.

Especially to ditch her by setting her up with another guy, whether that's for dating or just to get some breathing room for the night. It could also be to her friends.
Jim - Hey dude. Where's Erin tonight?

Sam - She was getting on my nerves, so I rebitched her to Amanda.

Jim - Awesome. Billy and I are on our way! Woo hoo!!!
by karbyn January 11, 2010
when you've just been bitched at, nagged at, or otherwise had a strip torn out of you by your woman, you go and recap or retell the session to your friend.
Jim - Hey dude. What's up?

Sam - Fuck man. I brought home the wrong kind of vodka. You shoulda heard her:

Sam - Hey babe!

Jackie - You got my vodka? Oh yeah. Oh for christ's sake. You were suppposed to get me peach vodka, not pear vodka. Christ, I send you out for a simple task and you can't even get that right.

Sam - Oops. I always forget which fruit you like

Jackie - Jeezus. Did you get the kalhua?

Sam - Well ....

Jackie - Oh just forget it. I'll just do it myself. I blah blah blah ....

Oh yeah, she's was never letting up

Jim - Sorry bout that man. Sometimes a man can do no right.

Sam - Ack. Forget it. I'm just rebitching
by karbyn January 11, 2010

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