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To buy and then resell an item on eBay. Comes from combining re- with ebay.
Johnny bought a book on eBay, he decided to rebay it the next week after reading it.
by redball July 14, 2004
The act of selling something on eBay, which was orginally bought on eBay.
Generally used when you have bought something while drunk that you didn't actually want.
I'm going to rebay this smoking jacket, I don't even smoke!
by Paul Molyneux September 03, 2007
To resell an item that you just bought on ebay for whatever reason.
I just bought some shoes on ebay and they don't fit. I will re-bay them.
by Alley Cat Smith August 06, 2010
Buying something on ebay and then reselling it on ebay
I bought a Wii on ebay and then rebayed it for 100$ more
by Alex Wa. April 08, 2007
eBaying an item specifically to resell it at an equal or higher value immediately.
Chris went around reBaying as many Gamecubes as possible that were originally under 20$, making a huge profit.
by Blue Bomber October 29, 2006
When you buy an item on ebay just to sell it back on ebay immediately after.
That guitar only got 2 bids so I was able to buy it for 2000 and rebay it for 5.
by elite-rebayer August 05, 2011
REBAY- Right Back At You!
Often Used When Annoyed With Someone and You Have No Comeback.
Person #1- You bitch!
Person #2- um.. REBAY!
Person #2 Has ended the conversation and walked away!
by RochiiBhabes November 05, 2009
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