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v. to be reamed

usage: To get fucked painfully. Can be replaced in most instances of fuck.
Jon fucked Shelly -> Jon reamed Shelly

I got fucked over on this assignment -> I got reamed on this assignment

There is some massive reamage going on around here
by R. Sanchez November 22, 2005
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The act of enlarging a drilled hole, by use of a "reamer", in order to finish the hole wall, and to bring its diameter to within the desired tolerance.
Hand me the 3/4" reamer so I can ream this 11/16" hole to .75" +0.000 -0.005
by metal fatigue January 29, 2004
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1. To insult someone to the point of suicide. 2. To rip someone's asshole apart. See anal. 3. The verb from which I performed on your mother last night.
"Oh, Adolf, ream my ass!"
by Adolf Hitler August 31, 2003
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To put ones penis into anothers asshole without the use of lube.
I reamed my girlfriend's ass last night, it took a couple minutes to get it in but once it was in oh boy.
by Thestabbinhob0 October 28, 2009
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ream is a chav word and it can mean buff or good looking
Innit he's so ream man...
by Tootie fruit March 26, 2005
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1. to prepare the ass for anal intercourse, usually with saliva, lube or other slipery substance, intercourse can be with a penis, dildo or other object of a similar shape, e.g. banana, cucumber etc, can be either male- male or male- female intercourse.
2. to be fucked hard up the ass, can be with a) a penis (the bigger the better), b) a dildo (the bigger the better) or other object of a similar shape e.g. c) banana or d) cucumber, intercourse is usually fast and hard, feels damm good. can be using e) a lubricant of some kind (wet) or f) without and relying on the ass juices to provide sufficient lubrication (dry). common usage in the gay community.
1. yo, he reamed me last nite.
2a. last nite i sucked his cock and then he fucked me in the ass, it fealt good.
b. last nite he sucked my dick, i sucked his and he shoved a dildo in my ass.
c. last nite we bought some big bananas and shoved them in each others ass holes.
d. last nite we wanted to do something different so i put some lube on my ass and he fucked me with a cucumber.
e. last nite he lubed up my ass and fucked me while stroking my dick.
f. last nite we didn't have any lube so he teased my ass with a dildo until my ass started juicing and then he fucked me hard.
by big bad boy May 23, 2006
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by AFM88 April 07, 2011
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