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A great human being who is really great
hey man.

you are definatlye reams man.

thanks dude
by JDKJFLSKJFLD October 15, 2007
v. to be reamed

usage: To get fucked painfully. Can be replaced in most instances of fuck.
Jon fucked Shelly -> Jon reamed Shelly

I got fucked over on this assignment -> I got reamed on this assignment

There is some massive reamage going on around here
by R. Sanchez November 22, 2005
The act of enlarging a drilled hole, by use of a "reamer", in order to finish the hole wall, and to bring its diameter to within the desired tolerance.
Hand me the 3/4" reamer so I can ream this 11/16" hole to .75" +0.000 -0.005
by metal fatigue January 29, 2004
1. To insult someone to the point of suicide. 2. To rip someone's asshole apart. See anal. 3. The verb from which I performed on your mother last night.
"Oh, Adolf, ream my ass!"
by Adolf Hitler August 31, 2003
To put ones penis into anothers asshole without the use of lube.
I reamed my girlfriend's ass last night, it took a couple minutes to get it in but once it was in oh boy.
by Thestabbinhob0 October 28, 2009
A positive description about appearance or feel of something

when related to people this can mean attractiveness, sex appeal or the like
Dean's wife Jess is well ream, she's got such a fit arse.
by Chickenfootz2 May 19, 2011
To fuck, have sex with
Jon: Yo did you ever get with that girl?
Max: Yea man
Jon: You reams?
Max: Of Course
by Matty Pro April 25, 2007