Awesome, wicked, cool, tasty

Derived from the name of the snack, "Frazzle" which are so god damned tasty/Awesome/wicked/cool.
"I just beat some old man shitless!"

"Razz, man"
by Richard in your Twat June 21, 2005
to ben uncool and not to be liked by anyone
sally pcks her nose all the time,she is so razz
by Dara August 14, 2004
means amazing, kl, great etc etc...
person1 "omg yeh that gig last night was razz!"
by x-rach-x September 12, 2006
to have a go
lets have a you wanna razz on the spaz(go on the space invader machine/video game)
by mr. e. john April 17, 2003
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