to ben uncool and not to be liked by anyone
sally pcks her nose all the time,she is so razz
by Dara August 14, 2004
means amazing, kl, great etc etc...
person1 "omg yeh that gig last night was razz!"
by x-rach-x September 12, 2006
to have a go
lets have a you wanna razz on the spaz(go on the space invader machine/video game)
by mr. e. john April 17, 2003
(n). Slang for cocaine.
"tonight lets go out and get on the razz."
by mambo55 September 04, 2007
Going out for a drive
Let's go for a razz.
by Eric April 20, 2004
to get something
Im going to Razz me up a beer
by zombi man November 22, 2003
To razz is to have a male human/donkey specimen take his erected penis, and lightly tap and play with another human/donkey(s) anal hole. This usually results in massive orgasms and seamen to fly everywhere. (CAUTION: Can cause harsh rashes and sudden illness of the anus.)
Greg likes to "razz" Glenn's anus.
by Gilgamesh Duke of Snodgrass October 06, 2006

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