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(n). Slang for cocaine.
"tonight lets go out and get on the razz."
by mambo55 September 04, 2007
2 15
Going out for a drive
Let's go for a razz.
by Eric April 20, 2004
7 20
to get something
Im going to Razz me up a beer
by zombi man November 22, 2003
2 16
To razz is to have a male human/donkey specimen take his erected penis, and lightly tap and play with another human/donkey(s) anal hole. This usually results in massive orgasms and seamen to fly everywhere. (CAUTION: Can cause harsh rashes and sudden illness of the anus.)
Greg likes to "razz" Glenn's anus.
by Gilgamesh Duke of Snodgrass October 06, 2006
8 23
to go mad / be angry
"dave had a right razz at me yesterday"
"really why?"
"i screwed his sister"
"dude i would have had a razz at you to"

by h_pickle March 23, 2006
0 15
learned it from my mom.
my brother was teasing my mom after she had a few drinks and she said "don't fuckin razz me"!
by uncle daddy December 02, 2004
5 20
FUGLY! Often referred to in times of sexual deprivation.

Man im so desperate i could shag a Razz.
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
3 23