1.)Too much swag. Gotta put it in your words. It ain't fronting or tryna be cool. Just a funny dude/dudette twisting words you've gotta have an acceptable IQ to understand
Guy: You think you're razzer than me?
Dudette: Uh..ya! Bring it on dude!
Guy: Gimme a word.
Dudette: Chucky.
Guy: It's not only Chucky, it's bride of chucky
Dudette: It's not only bride of chucky it's Rugrats tommy
Guy: It's not only tommy it's tommy hilfiger
Dudette: It's not only Tommy Hilfiger it's tommy mountain number
Guy: It's not only mountain number it's mountain dew
Dudette: lol

by Surburbia March 30, 2009
Top Definition
Verb. Local slang from Melbourne, Australia.

To be friendly to a particular person in order to gain sexual preference with them. Often seen in the context "on the razz."
Timmy is totally razzing Emily.

Marcus is on the razz.
by ThatOneGuyFromThatOneShow September 15, 2014
Noun: A Nigerian slang used to describe obnoxious individuals who try desprately hard to fit in.

Verb: To act in Razz
Ex Noun: "I can tell the razz bunch by their clothes"

Ex Verb: "Dont be razz" or "Dont be a razzo"
by naijababe February 14, 2005
to get very drunk
We're going out on the razz.
by R. September 05, 2003
A beautiful male with sweet corn nipples.
*whispers* Razz get your sweet corn nipples over here
by coolpigeon February 09, 2015
To heckle or laugh at contemptuously. It comes from the word razzberry (raspberry), a sound of contempt made by protruding the tongue between the lips and expelling air forcibly to produce a vibration. Like what chimpanzees do.

What Duane said to his girlfriend when he got home from work after walking around all day with his zipper down.
Girlfriend: "How was your day at work today, Duane?"
Duane: "I got razzed by the guys again today."
by pedicabber April 18, 2005
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