User name of a youtube celebrity/partner of the same name (Ray William Johnson) who despite being somewhat unfunny is still highly entertaining and likeable. Occasionally his jokes will elicit a chuckle but more often than not his jokes aren't that great. His youtube channel showcases his show; =3 (like the cutesy smiley face) in which he reviews 3 funny/entertaining online videos each episode. At the end segment he has the comment question of the day which is in the form of a video response that he picks, after the video response he then shows some of the funniest answers to the previous comment question of the day. The idea of the show is to review *viral* videos but sometimes the videos aren't actually all that popular (even though they're entertaining). In the words of Ray: "I'm just a regular guy with an entertaining hobby."
I can't wait for the next episode of =3, I always look forward to new episodes from raywilliamjohnson because he has one of the most entertaining shows on youtube.
by UltimateToast September 22, 2010
Top Definition
One who gains fame, money, and e-peens from literally stealing videos and spreading his own unfunny, oppressive pussy juice all over it.

Also known to feed memes from 2006 to his viewers, as if we don't have enough 12 year old faggots running around screaming "FAKE AND GAY."

The videos he steals, on the contrary, are absolutely hilarious.

Oh yeah, stole the phrase "fake and gay," which is not surprising at all.
raywilliamjohnson isn't funny and is in fact quite unsettling, considering how a thief gained so much fame.
by Twiddlypoo July 17, 2011
An ugly looking troll creature that is 4'8 and reviews OTHER people's viral videos on Youtube so he can make a large profit. He steals other people's funny videos and makes terrible jokes about them that he repeats every video. This lonely troll also has a second channel that follows his scripted life around L.A. In these videos he has a guy (supposedly his friend) that has a job to laugh at all his lame jokes. He also hires vapid women to follow him around so he can get more views from YouTube perverts.
Idiot: Hey, did you wach that "fake and gay" video featured on Ray William Johnson.

Intellectual: No, because I have more than one brain cell, and don't support theifs who are as funny as a turd...

Reformed Idiot: I have been enlightened. I will never watch that pathetic excuse for a human again!
by HAHaha...;) June 11, 2011
Another lame youtube celebrity that post random videos with greenscreen thumbnails. Like most celebrities on youtube he will be forgotten or quit in about 3-5 years or so like sxephil , lonelygirl15 , pruane2forever and many more.
Troll: Lulz Lulz, raywilliamjohnson post moar!!

Noob: Thumbs up if RWJ brought you he--... wait?

FakeCamWhore: Hmmm bored, any guys wanna chat?
by frogbootycheekz November 23, 2010
Ray William Johnson is a youtuber, self proclaimed comedian and overall a useless piece of suck that doesn't deserve half of the six digit salary he makes. Most of his viewers are either swagfags or too stupid to realise all his jokes are the same of what an 11 year old would make. He hosts a show called =3 where he literally takes videos from other peoples channels without permission and just says what happens in them adding a said unfunny dirty joke. He is currently the highest subscribed channel on YouTube, proving that subscribers don't matter. He is the scum of the earth.
Swag-Fag: Hey man did you see this weeks =3? Ray William Johnson is so funny, haha fake and gay!
Person with sense: I don't watch shit.
by GeorgeLopez December 02, 2012
Ray William Johnson is an entertainer who sprung into fame in 2009 when he started reviewing viral videos on Youtube. His show is entitled =3 (Equals Three). In each episode he reviews three videos adding his witty commentary to each one. He is known for his sarcastic remarks and phrases such as: "Fake and Gay" and "Squaids (or Squirrel Aids)". He's used "troll" and portrays one in some of his videos. Ray also is known for his "Doin you mom" and "buttsecks" jokes. All these things have spread and become more common among the internet using community. In each video users may send a video response and it could be picked as Ray's Comment Question of the Day. Anyone is welcome to comment with an answer and 5 answers will be chosen by Ray and featured in his next video. He currently uploads his Equals Three videos usually every Monday and Thursday.
Ray also has an alternate "vlogging" channel, called BreakingNYC. In that channel, Ray record parts of his daily life.
Ray was in a group: FattySpins, in which he and the other members put together catchy songs with a comedic edge. Most popular: Doin' Your Mom.
Ray lives in New York, and attends college.
Ray William Johnson is a very talented, very busy (seemingly), very funny dude who is on his way to bigger and better things. I expect to see him on TV soon.
Mike: "What happened to Youtube?"

Phil: "Ray William Johnson AKA pure awesomeness."

Mike: "Huh?"

Phil: "Well, you have to admit he DOES have more talent than most of these so-called "stars" today."

Mike: "True. But he's not stupid, he's actually entertaining, his show is stimulating, and I don't feel completely retarded after watching his videos. That's not like the other Youtubers!"

Phil: "Umm....Exactly."

Mike: "Two camels in a tiny car!"
by SoFlyAway August 23, 2010
YouTube Entertainment for ignorant and unaware simpletons. If you watch his show and enjoy it, you are a vegetable. His videos are used as in 3rd grade introductory classes to comedy. One, unless stupid, cannot help but feel dumbed down after each episode of his =3 series. I suspect this name is to resemble a dick - this gives you an idea as to what comedy is in store before you click on his horse shit.

If your brain is fried and have absolutely no aspirations in life, then watch his videos. Also, play Minecraft and watch other mind-destroying channels, such as pwediepie.

It is truly sad to know this is the most popular channel on YouTube.
Blob: HAHAHAHA Ray William Johnson is so funny! Watch this!

Non-blob: *Feels mind being reduced into a zombie state after watching*

Blob: Also my minecraft house is better than yours! Hahahaha
by Immanuel Kent September 24, 2013
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