the act of inserting all 4 fingers into a womans vagina and proceeding to act as if playing a piano.
me and carolyn had sex last night and i performed the ray charles. now my fingers smell like fish.
by tryiewtriwe December 02, 2006
this is a pretty grose sexual position for people who may have or want to have a defication fetish. you shit on the female's eyeballs so she cant see you then you give her anal.
I gave this chick the ray charles and after that i took a golden shower.
by rylinds November 30, 2006
1)When someone has something important that they can never use.
2)If something has been most likely intrepreted incorrectly but its not realized until its to late.
Guy one: Dude look Ray Charles has a tab book. You can learn to play like him.
Guy 2: Why does he have a book? It's not like he could ever have read it. How do we know its his own work? He could never have written it down beacues he was blind.


Dude 1) The Ray Charles book is done.
Dude 2) How do you know? He didnt write the songs down, you did. ASS
by meconfused June 19, 2006
An act often performed by an ugly man to conceal his attractiveness. Involves the ejaculation by the male into the female's eyes which blinds her temporarily for the rest of the sexual encounter.
Yo dude, did you see Kim Martin's eyes today? I think she got the Ray Charles. Nah dude, she just got mushroom stamped by 8 black dudes.
by LongJohnSilvers December 20, 2005
To ejaculate in both eyes of your partner so they cant see out of either eye. A variable of the Pirate special.
I was doing this bitch that I didnt really like so I gave her a ray charles, grabbed my cloths and got the fuck out...
by Ryan February 04, 2005
v; to blind someone unintentionally
"oh man, you almost ray charlsed me when you were waving that knife around!"
by julia December 07, 2004
Some blind black dude, who got a lot of pussy.
Ray Charles is totally tits.
by WEENER February 19, 2005

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