Cool. Awesome. Hard Core. That Shit !
That thang was rawww.!
#kewl #hot #sexci #fly #get like me.
by d.rosee. =] July 10, 2008
An untranslated video/anime.
Naruto Episode 89 was released RAW today.
by Xiile June 23, 2004
Bear Grylls (man vs wild)
He drank his own piss on television for thousands of viewers. He defines Raw.
#raw #bear #grylls #man #vs #wild.
by denzel w November 04, 2007
When a vagina gets dry and sore from extended periods of penetration and stimulation.
You're getting raw, are you sure you don't want me to stop?
by Randy November 15, 2004
In piracy, a RAW release is one which is unaltered from the source material. Compare to scanlations, decensored releases, etc.
There has been a RAW release for Boku no Pico, but no group has translated it yet.
by Kriegg December 07, 2015
A word used to describe something amazing or hardcore
Joe: Man that meat was raw!
Waiter: Should I cook it more?
Joe: No but it's pretty raw
#meat #booty #rad} #cashmoney #boobs
by Whatsadefiniton? December 04, 2014
a wwe brand formed in 1989. current champion randy orton
today i saw monday night raw on usa
#raw #wwe #wwf #vince mccmahon #john cena
by raw fan 456 October 21, 2007
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