Used to define a person or an act performed by a person that is of a quality that would require practice, but is then nothing more than natural ability from the performer. It is the opposite to 'institutionalised' which practicing too much at something (or taking it too seriously). Something can become more 'raw' if other things have been done to make it harder and more against what someone smart would say, like drinking before the big game.
Alex: "Hey I went and got drunk last night then came and won the game today"
Gav: "Man that's raw"

Alex: "Hey I got 95% in that test and I didn't even study for it"
Gav: "Man that's as raw as it gets"
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
Rules As Written. Used by players of D&D and other RPGs to indicate a literal interpretation of the rules, often to gain some unintended, overpowering game effect.
Using 20 different splatbooks, Marty's character overshadowed the rest of the party; he refused to change anything, arguing that the RAW supported his case.
by valerette September 11, 2008
When hardcore sex happens without toys, condoms, or anything else except two people or more.
Raw sex is easier than weak sex.
by minghoundsel August 07, 2012
coolest, most hardcore, bad ass. can take the place of "epic" or "sick"
Dude that Lindsay chick is raw!
by betterthanalistair November 10, 2010
Raw is a term that can be used in many different contexts. It can be used to describe something that is all natural and significant. Someone who is true to him or her self and who isnt afraid to show it is raw indeed. It can also be used to describe something that is awesome in nature or something that is without question. Another common use of the word 'raw' would be appropriate for someone or something that is nasty like moldy bread or old milk.
Example 1: "Yo dude i just dropped 50 points against the best team in the nation!"
Reponse: Right on homie, thats Raw
Example 2: "Yo my fart smells like dirty garbage juice."
Response: Awwww nasty dude youre RAW.
Example 3: "Check it out, this is what genital herpes looks like."
Response: Wow that is Raw as hell.
by haze-o-matic April 06, 2010
cool, awsome, or the best
Dude your are so raw!
by chris052992 May 03, 2008
a wwe brand formed in 1989. current champion randy orton
today i saw monday night raw on usa
by raw fan 456 October 21, 2007

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