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When hardcore sex happens without toys, condoms, or anything else except two people or more.
Raw sex is easier than weak sex.
by minghoundsel August 07, 2012
Raw is a term that can be used in many different contexts. It can be used to describe something that is all natural and significant. Someone who is true to him or her self and who isnt afraid to show it is raw indeed. It can also be used to describe something that is awesome in nature or something that is without question. Another common use of the word 'raw' would be appropriate for someone or something that is nasty like moldy bread or old milk.
Example 1: "Yo dude i just dropped 50 points against the best team in the nation!"
Reponse: Right on homie, thats Raw
Example 2: "Yo my fart smells like dirty garbage juice."
Response: Awwww nasty dude youre RAW.
Example 3: "Check it out, this is what genital herpes looks like."
Response: Wow that is Raw as hell.
by haze-o-matic April 06, 2010
when talking about people, awesome/amazing
you are raw if you are awesome
by dudewtfrawisreal November 02, 2009
1. hardcore, wrong, disgusting, rough, gross, TMI

2. out of order, hypocritical, a comment/joke taken too far

3. done well without practise, talented

1. A: "I threw up all over her!"
B: "Eww, that's raw!"

2. A: "I can't believe you got off with her! She's so butters."
B: "That's a bit raw of you after last night... you pulled bare waste gash."

3. A: "Watch this! (shouts at passer by) Allow you!"
B: "Haha! Raw ownage!"
by kiwithie November 12, 2008
Acronym- Raging Arse Wrecker. A male homosexual. Generally refers to "the pitcher".
Jim: Man, whats the deal with that guy? Is he, you know...
Dave: R.A.W. mate.....backs to the wall!
by DS81 November 25, 2007
Raw-Ready and Willing. Made mostly known by The Great "Big Daddy Kane"
On the 3rd Verse of Big Daddy Kane's "Raw" "Chillin, Killin like a villain the meaning of RAW is Ready And Willing to do what ever is clever."
by Yourslyness November 15, 2007
Ethiopian-American with laughable Jelly Roll hair and a braced, rotten, snaggle-toothed mouth. Left feeling indignant towards the world after his wife divorced him and took all his money. Proclaims to trust fellow Quake3World admin and e-boyfriend Dave with his family's life, although the two have never met.

Is now attempting to overcome his abhorrence towards women and life in general by posting monthly that his life is so great in hope that someone may actually believe him, and by shacking up with a flabby crack-whore who wears three inches thick of make-up to cover up her acne and take some of the attention away from her massive nose.
That ugly retard doesn't actually think he's fooling anyone does he? LOL what a raw!
by Doombrain January 15, 2007