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After repeated pounding of a girl over the course of a day your dick becomes raw from so much use.
I fucked Mandy so many times today that I have a raw dick
by WhackPack February 16, 2007
When you masturbate too much and your dick is has a raw feeling to it
awe man i gots raw dick
by alaskanhybrid October 29, 2009
A penis without a condom; engaging in sexual acts without using protection.
She fucked my raw dick last night.

Hope she's on birth control bro.

Yeah...she is... it's just the herpes I'm worried about...
by Camille Johnson March 06, 2012
the art of blowing until the male genital area feels raw the next day. most likely teeth or an access of spit is used to make a penis become raw
Molly Barber gave Tom a raw dick after sucking all night long.
by Sara Marie Jones March 18, 2008
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