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Feeling miserable, snappy and irritable, mainly a condition suffered by girls on a Sunday evening.
Chris-"Karen Do you want to go for a drink"
Karen "No Thanks, I'm feeling Miserable, snappy and irritable"
Chris "Ratty Bitch"
by Chris VG April 15, 2007
An affectionate term for a rat, most usually domesticated. It has no relation to the general use of the word 'ratty' which describes a disheveled appearance.
"Aww!" Julie adoringly exclaimed as her friend's fancy rat affectionately kissed her hand, "your ratty is so cute!"
by lovely rat kitten September 10, 2012
short for ratchet, used when someone is on a shooting streak in basketball
Nick: Is that his 3rd trey ball?

Me: Yup hes got the ratty
by jrus July 25, 2010
The term used to describe the hairstyle in which an elongated segment of hair which is more often than not awfully greasy and encased in dirt and stale urine, hangs from the back of the head, starting from below the ears. A 'ratty', or rat's tail, is traditionally never longer than the shoulders, yet it is not uncommon to see longer specimens. This style is appropriated in Australian fashion among bogans, ethnics, and lads. While common, ratties are not considered appropriate workplace fashion, hence their residing on the heads of less work-inclined individuals.
Ethnic boy 1: Wallah Ramesh, you got a haircut aye.

Ethnic boy 2: Yeah brah, don't give a fuck what it looks like, but i've got this ratty dangling from behind my ear. Sick aye waz
by whisteria December 11, 2010
Ratty is like… sweatpants all day, bad hair, eating lots of crappy food – it’s basically a term of endearment if you are doing something gross, but at the same time, it’s totally acceptable.
Abby Wong is Ratty.

Sweatpants and fruit snacks all day on Sunday is Ratty.

Diet ginger ale in a coozie during football is Ratty.
by Dimesatchel September 11, 2012
The term used by guys that like to pretend they have some swag and go out and get wasted and bring home some girls but really sit in a room with eachother drinking brews and quoting movies.
"We're getting ratty tonight!" "Bombs for da boys"
by 024920213402135 December 29, 2013
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