a snitch,
someonne who tell on you.
50 cent rattin on game
by hus1904 January 13, 2006
1. Plural, for rat.
2. A group of small animals, rodents. Tend to dwells in the sewers. (Sewer rat).
2. An expression of discontent. See also damn or shit.
1. Pied Piper: "Damn, where'd all these rats come from?"
2. "Rats!" Johnny exclaimed, when he discovered he'd shot the wrong person.
3. After several smelly farts, and downing a package of ex-lax pills, Bobby realized that it was time to feed the rats.
by eBrian December 23, 2002
Someone who tells the cops vital information that leads to an arrest of another person
that nigga cody ratted on joe we should fuck him up
by mikeykay October 29, 2006
Something that is rubbish or displeasing, or a person or object that is physically revolting.

'This party is rats'.

'That girl's hair is rats'.

'Your shirt is rats'.

by Clifton1 April 15, 2009
A member of a secret society called the RecRats on the campus of Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri. The organization was banned (after almost 50 years) in 1994. The Rats are commonly associated with severe hazing and verbal abuse. The group resurfaced in 2002 and most likely still exists.
"The administration thinks Julie might be a Rat."
by Dot January 04, 2005
Slang term for a woman's vagina. This is because a vagina is very similar to a rat...yeh
1.) Get your rat out! - Most common usage

2.) Ge-ge-get your rat out and do a little dance!

3.) Check that bird's rat out, it's smiling at me!
by Ryan88 March 02, 2006
Someone that is incredibly lucky at everything. Mainly on the golf course and football betting.
"He put on a 15 fold on teams never heard of and wins a grand"

"What a rat"

"That ball hit the hole at 100mph, jumped 5ft in the air and went in"

"OMG he's such a rat!"

by TheZmonster November 29, 2013

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