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A member of a secret society called the RecRats on the campus of Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri. The organization was banned (after almost 50 years) in 1994. The Rats are commonly associated with severe hazing and verbal abuse. The group resurfaced in 2002 and most likely still exists.
"The administration thinks Julie might be a Rat."
by Dot January 04, 2005
The juvenile definition is simnply of a snitch but a rat is really a traitor. If you're onvolved in crime or a gang & you snitch, you are a rat -- & rats must die!
Me & Jimmy whacked that gas station dude cuz he was slow with the money we wanted, then, when the pigs questioned him, he was a wuss and rolled over on me -- so I got to whack the little rat now!
by Cyberpope December 08, 2008
means ridiculous arrogant tool. generally someone who wears a polo shirt and sunglasses with a neck strap. they also tend to say 'yo' and 'sup' alot. they might also play soccer, but this isn't always the case.
chubbs: yo! sup guys?

me talking to friend: oh god, here comes that r.a.t.
by crabsack February 10, 2012
A contractor that does not pay its workers standard wages or provide them with standard family health care and retirement benefits.
ABC Construction, the electrical contractor on the Lexington Avenue construction project, is a RAT.
by IBW Shop Steward April 06, 2010
A word annoying teenage boys use when describing a person in attempt to make fun of them. What they don't realize is by saying it they are making more of a fool out of themselves then who it is directed towards.
Kid's a rat.
by exterminator . May 10, 2009
Term used to express dissapointment-retro style! Substitute for a more vulgar word in the presence of children and authority figures.
"I didn't get that new job. Rats!"
"Rats! We are out of wine".
by urban ruby October 29, 2007
a snitch
why you rat for
by pablo pena April 29, 2009