this definition solely gives an insight into the term 'rat' being used as a noun to address snitches, and how someone becomes a rat

what is snitchin and what the hell is a snitch?
- snitchin is when a person who informs an authority about someone else's PLAN to do sumtin illegal
- when someone tells any person with authority about something illegal someone else HAS DONE.
- in brief a rat (snitch) is the derogatory name for someone who 'tellz on othaz'
- HOWEVER! if you are gettin robbed and tell police u iz not a snitch! u only a snitch if- e.g. your neighbour gets robbed and you tell dem pigz who dun it!
- And dont think u r cool when u "tell 'em" coz trust me u iz definately neva gona b soulja boy

there are two fundamental pathways to becoming a rat

1) Variation of genes "genetic variation"

- Snitchin' can be a genetically inherited disease
- As Homo sapiens, humans are born with instincts.. it is our duty however to be responsible and not degrade ourselves to animals.
- With snitches it is clear that there is an approximate 3-to-1 ratio of rats to humans. Hence we can conclude that the 'snitch gene' is recessive and normal gene is dominant. Expressing these as letters we find R-normal and r-snitch
- If you have alleles RR then you are normal but if you have rr then you iz a snitch!
- If by chance you have the alleles Rr then you are heterozygous and a carrier for the syndrome and you children may be rats in the future
- This data is very difficult to obtain experimentally, this is mainly because humans take atleast 4-5 years to show first sings of snitchin', so therefore even if a successful test cross has been carried out the results will take long to analyse.. therefore just believe what im sayin' from street experience and my cambridge A-level Biology knowledge.

2) Environmental effect on variation
- just as some phenotypes such as height, weight and mass are polygenic (many genes code for them) , snitchin can also be to some degree inherited as a result to many environmental factors
- If your parents are Snitches it is most likely they will ask you to snitch about what happens at school. Then they will act to resolve any problems. This is however the first step that you are taking on your road to becoming a full grown rat. Ask people for advice, but try not to snitch so that someone gets in shit!
- your neighbourhood and the company you keep also affects your snitching habits e.g rapper cam'ron states on 60 minutes "wer i come from, we wernt raised to tell"
- try to make frends dat will last a lifetime and even wen they make a mistake look out for yo brothaz by not sayin shit to anyone

why should I stop snitchin' ?
- coz u will be called a rat, wraete, snitch, bitch and err otha ebonic insult u can tink ov !
- coz u iz jus bein' a fuckin' dick, and suckin pigs cockz
- once u iz a rat, it iz verry difficult for u to return to normal human society and trust is somethang u will neva hav especially if u hang round dope dealaz!

how to stop snitchin' and still save mah frendz life / house from bein robbed ?
- keep yo mouff shut!
- tell your frend that someone is gon get him, this method ensures that ur frend may take action and tell the police, however if you think u can 'save time' by tellin the police you are correct but then again it is wiser to take your time and avoid becoming a rat.
yeah giv me tha thumbzz upp fo' diz!
i cud get a phd in rat fo diz shit!
by youngKidzbattlefield October 11, 2007
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A snitch. A person who has ""tattled" on another person
That niggas a fuckin rat.
by KiStone 1000 February 05, 2003
Small, prolific and extremely intelligent member of the rodent family. Rats make fantastic pets and are considered to be as smart as dogs. They can learn their name and various tricks if their owner takes the time to teach them. They are extremely sociable and bond closely to their human owner.
In the wild they live in family groups, much like wolves, and have a similar social structure with an alpha, beta and omega.

The pet rat is the species rattus norvegicus, the brown or norway rat, whereas the rat associated (incorrectly, it must be said) with the plague is rattus rattus, the black rat. Domestic rats do not carry any diseases transmittable to humans and even wild rats are generally cleaner than most other wild animals, as well as the notable fact that it is impossible for a rat to transmit rabies to a person.

Rats have a very undeserved reputation, but this is slowly changing as more people realise what good pets they make.
I own 5 pet rats
There is a rat in the garden
by SicPuppy August 15, 2005
1. Small rodent frequently abused by humans
"Oh look, It's a rat."
"Eu, kick it!"
by Shuriken January 26, 2003
the lowest form of human being. a backstabbing snitch.
what a fuckin' rat
by umadeabigmistake May 12, 2009
RAT \ Remote Access Trojan, RATs are malicious programs that run invisibly on host PCs and permit an intruder remote access and complete control designed specifically for stealth installation and operation, RATs can delete and modify files, format hard disks, upload and download files, harass users, and drop off other malware.
an unl3ashed_t3rror dropped a "RAT" proggie and wiped out the hard drives on our clients "RIGS"
by syst3ms September 11, 2009
A rodent that makes a good pet.
He has 3 rats and a cat.
by bellman December 24, 2004
A term used to describe anyone who has the following characteristics: lazy, good for nothing, cheap, always drunk, always sober, dancing with a hot chick, dancing with an ugly chick, plays video games all day, wears better clothing then you, wears worst clothing then you, obnoxious, says stupid things, does stupid things, hoards food, sleeps all day, eats all day, pisses in the sink, pees in pools (not while in them, stands on the side and pees in them), likes tequila, hates tequila, eats the last of piece of food, uses the word agwan, and of course eats cheese!
Guy 1, "Hey look at what Duncan is doing!"
Guy 2, "He is such a rat!"
Guy 3, "Wow, what a rat."
Girl 1, "Rat."
Guy 4, "You are all rats!"
by Ian Frith March 30, 2008
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